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Friday, October 28, 2011

We Petition The Obama Administration to:
taking actions against Auto Repair and Mechanic Scams

I am submitting to the Obama Administration about Auto Repair & Mechanic Scams petition. Please support this.
Almost every family in the United States of America owns at least one car, and it would be next to impossible for an average American to understand and describe all the auto repair scams and cheats the honest consumers out of their money. The most common auto maintenance scams are described here:

- Replacement Parts and Counterfeit Parts Scams.

- Repair Estimate Scams

- Intentional misrepresentation of what repairs are needed.

- Bait and Switch: Mechanics uses the fear of your safety to costly repair of non-existent problems.

As a result, it hurts American way of life economically and sometimes car accidents as well.

Consumer protection attorney, Better Business Bureau or the Office of the Attorney General in your state does not always the solution of this widespread unethically disease

Please go to the following website to sign up for this petition. We need your signature.

Signatures needed by November 27, 2011 to reach goal of 25,000 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Principles of Non-Profit Conduct
The general guidance on non-profit responsibilities includes:

   - Public interest: This refers to the common well-being or general welfare of the community or general public. That was mentioned in mission statement.

   - Integrity: Integrity is a concept of moral and ethical principles.

   - Objectivity and independence:  The principle of objectivity imposes the obligation to be impartial, intellectually honest, and free of conflicts of interest. If independence is impaired, then an opinion cannot be expressed and considered.

   - Due care: Due care refers to the effort made by reasonable members to exercise ordinarily prudent standards for avoiding harm to others. It requires professional skepticism.

   - Scope and nature of services. Any member in the nonprofit entity should observe the Principles of the Code of Professional Conduct.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Influence of Power - Ethically or Unethically
     Coercive Power vs Reward Power:  Coercive power is the ability of the authoritative person to force something or idea upon another person, and to imply of punishment for not conforming with a request. It is used based on the element of fear. Fear is a very powerful intangible device to manipulate others either in a good or bad way. On the other hand, reward power delivers benefits in order to influence people. The benefits could be tangible in the financial and material forms, or be intangible in psychological rewards.

     Which one is more effective in the short term and in the long term, ethically or unethically. 

     Is there some sort of moral principle to do the right thing? Or it depends on the situation.